MALODY aims especially at middle atmosphere (MA) dynamical structures. Understanding these structures is a prerequisite for understanding the interdependences of MA and the troposphere, and possibly climate issues. Recently decadal and sub-decadal variations have been detected in long-term measurements in the MA. They are seen at various altitudes from the mesopause (87 km) down to the tropopause and even to the ground. Prominent decadal periods are 9 - 14 years, sub-decadal variations are near to periods of four years (Q4O = Quasi four year Oscillations). Their vertical structures and correlations as well as possible vertical phase propagations appear to be important and will be studied in detail. To investigate possible correlations, long-term data series from stations in Middle Europe will be used as well as re-analysis data (e.g. ERA-Interim data). In addition, surface temperatures such as GLOTI data (Global Land Ocean Temperature Index) will be used. In parallel, measurements of the mesopause temperatures will be continued at high time resolution to increase and improve the data basis. The results will be a significant contribution to the improvement of chemistry-transport-models and climate models.